Monday, December 22, 2008

English Garden Scrapbooking Kit

I'm in the process of creating a digital kit based on an English Garden theme.

I've got 6 papers, 6 ornaments, 5 frames, 2 alphas, a PNG with 4 rose objects, and I'm not sure what else to put in there. Here's the promo so far.

Darn the low resolution at Blogger!

Is this enough elements for a kit? Or should I add something more? I'm thinking either some brads or a stitching set. Thoughts?

I think the kit is turning out nicely. I'm using patterns that I got from Al Ward over at If you like patterns, shapes, and brushes, I highly recommend his site. It costs $8 for a day's worth of access, and I spent most of Saturday downloading my day's worth of stuff, but the patterns are gorgeous! Love the shapes too. Yay Al!

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