Friday, July 10, 2009

New Kit, Including Freebie

Happy Friday everyone!

I have a great new mega-kit for sale at Magickal Scraps:

This is a HUGE kit! I had so much fun designing it that I made too many papers and elements, so I had to do an Add-on pack that's free with purchase of the main kit.

With the main kit, which is $5.00 but on sale for $3.50 right now, you get:
~ 12 papers, including 3 with dramatic drapery
~ A full decorative alpha
~ Two bows, one a wrap
~ One brad
~ One button
~ Two gothic crosses
~ One extra-large fabric trim
~ One filigree and glass frame
~ Two floral page corners
~ A swirly flourish
~ A heart frame
~ A swirly metallic heart ornament
~ A fabric ruffle
~ A skull pendant on a chain
~ A gothic sunflower
~ A metallic tag
~ Two metallic filigree trims - one large and one small (both sized to fit a full paper across)

The add-on pack contains:
~ 9 more papers!
~ A bead string
~ Another brad
~ A gothic cross
~ A swirly flourish
~ A filigree frame
~ A decorated heart frame
~ A ribbon
~ A high-res rose
~ A rosette with a darling rose and pin in the center

That's what you get for me being on bed rest! Tons of elements in one kit!
Now, if you'd like to try out a few elements on the kit, here is the freebie sampler:

This sampler has 2 papers, a gothic cross, a fabric trim, a filigree trim, and a rosette. You can download it here from Magickal Scraps.

Thank you for visiting my blog! As always, feedback and comments are welcome. Happy scrapping!

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