Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weekly freebie - Distressed Clipping Masks!

If you've never used a clipping mask, here's a great chance to try!

This freebie contains 2 distressed photo clipping masks for Photoshop CS with actions that help you use them.  Unfortunately, the actions won't work in another program, but you can use the .png clipping mask in other programs that can open graphic files.

To use these masks, save the Maitri Distressed Actions file into your Actions folder.  Then in Photoshop, press play on one of the actions and follow the directions.  The action will prompt you to open a distressed mask, add a photo, and it will do the rest.

Please let me know how these masks work out for you - if there's interest, I'm considering making a whole pack of CU masks.  My email is  Enjoy!

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