Saturday, February 7, 2009

A question for those who read this blog

Happy Saturday everyone!

I have been trying to find a scrapbooking store website where I could join the designing team. I've had several rejections, and I haven't received any good feedback as to what I can do to make my work more commercial and appealing to customers.

So: what do you look for in scrapbooking items? When you buy scrapbooking kits or elements, what is it that you look for; what gets you to add that item to your cart, rather than keep looking?

What, if anything, have you seen in purchased items that you liked or disliked? For example, if you didn't like when a designer added a drop shadow to frames.

Also, any particular feedback on the freebies I've released here, on ways to improve them or make my work more appealing to a larger audience, would be much appreciated!

If you're not comfortable posting here, please feel free to email me at

Thank you in advance :)

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