Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Big news ~ New Website!

Greetings everyone!

I have finally ditched my old stinky website host, and signed on with jsweb to create a brand new store! This store will be powered by Zen Cart, just as Magickal Scraps is.

The new site's URL will be http://www.digiscrapilicious.com/. (Don't worry, it's not up yet. Check back in a day or two!)

If you are on my mailing list, you should have received an email by now letting you know that I was changing mailing list domains. You'll start receiving emails from BlogFreebies@digiscrapilicious.com instead of the previous domain. Please make sure to update your safe senders list, or your spam filters might catch my freebie alert emails.

Also mailing listers may receive an email asking them to subscribe to the new list. If you'd like to remain on the list, please resubscribe.

If you would like to subscribe to my mailing list ~ I only email about freebies posted on the blog, that's it ~ send an email to blogfreebies-subscribe@digiscrapilicious.com.

Now then - now that I'm starting my own store, I will need some other designers to sell with me! If you or someone you know is an up-and-coming fledgline designer, please send me an email at maitri@mchsi.com. I'm willing to consider all skill levels. We were all new once!

I will continue to sell at Magickal Scraps because they're my family and they're awesome people :) So my kits and freebies will be available at both stores.

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